William Ledger

Professor (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

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Bill Gates quoted out of context about injecting kids with genetically modified organisms in discussion on GM crops

Bill Gates stated that "We’re taking things that are genetically modified organisms, and we’re injecting them into little kids’ arms; we just shoot them right into the vein"

SOURCE: Anonymous, YouTube

Published: 26 Mar 2021


COVID-19 RNA vaccines are safe, cannot modify human DNA; death rate in vaccinated people isn’t higher than in unvaccinated people

“The protein then can bind to your DNA and irreversibly change it”; “[It] has several different type of lipids on it that have never been injected into human beings before”; “We could be looking at right now as many as 12,000 deaths”

SOURCE: Sherri Tenpenny, Daystar

Published: 17 Mar 2021


COVID-19 vaccines start to provide protection within two weeks of the first dose, with no evidence they increase the risk of infection before then

“Now a Public Health England report confirms that infections increase during the fortnight after vaccination”

SOURCE: Niall McCrae, Gateway Pundit

Published: 09 Mar 2021


Scientific evidence demonstrates that wearing face masks and implementing lockdowns reduce the spread of COVID-19

“It’s been a year & there is still no evidence masks or lockdowns slow the spread of #COVID19”

SOURCE: Kimberly Klacik, Facebook

Published: 03 Mar 2021