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Consuming turpentine is dangerous and shouldn’t be used to treat parasites

Consuming turpentine will kill parasites

SOURCE: Social media users, TikTok, Facebook

Published: 08 Sep 2022


The CDC hasn’t classified monkeypox as airborne; transmission is typically through sustained physical contact

CDC has now classified [monkeypox] as airborne and anybody within 15 ft can catch it; [it] is now classified as a form of herpes [...] lasts 2-4 months [and] can lead to being paralyzed

SOURCE: Anonymous, Fathers Matter

Published: 04 Aug 2022


Following COVID-19 vaccination, the spike protein is produced in small quantities in the body, which have not been shown to be harmful

“[Spike] is harmful to the human body in at least eight different ways [and] can persist in the human body for weeks, or even months, after a person gets vaccinated”

SOURCE: Roma Balmakov, The Epoch Times

Published: 25 May 2022


Bill Gates quoted out of context about injecting kids with genetically modified organisms in discussion on GM crops

Bill Gates stated that 'We’re taking things that are genetically modified organisms, and we’re injecting them into little kids’ arms; we just shoot them right into the vein'

SOURCE: Anonymous, YouTube

Published: 26 Mar 2021


COVID-19 vaccines start to provide protection within two weeks of the first dose, with no evidence they increase the risk of infection before then

“Now a Public Health England report confirms that infections increase during the fortnight after vaccination”

SOURCE: Niall McCrae, Gateway Pundit

Published: 09 Mar 2021



How were mRNA vaccines developed for COVID-19?

— 02 Jun 2021

The vaccines for COVID-19 produced by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna were the first mRNA vaccines authorized for use in the general public. mRNA vaccines were a long-standing ambition...