Emmanuel Vincent

Founder & Project Lead

Emmanuel completed a PhD at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France) and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT; Cambridge, USA), studying how the Ocean controls Hurricane intensity and how Hurricane can in turn influence the climate via their interaction with the Ocean.
He launched Science Feedback to help the scientific community play a leading role in providing the public with accurate information on scientific topics.


Scott K. Johnson

Science Editor, Climate

Scott holds a Master of Science in Hydrogeology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He teaches college-level Earth science, and has worked as a freelance science journalist covering the geosciences since 2011, primarily for Ars Technica.


Flora Teoh

Science Editor, Health

Flora obtained a PhD in Biological Sciences from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. During her doctoral studies, she examined how a human-colonising microbe could evolve in response to changes within a mammalian host, and how this process could influence microbial virulence. After a brief stint as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, she joined Health Feedback in 2018 as science editor. She has also worked as a freelance science writer – her articles have appeared in Asian Scientist Magazine and A*STAR Research.”


Erwan Ledoux

Tech Lead

Erwan completed a PhD in statistical physic. He then brought his expertise to the software engineering department at the artificial intelligence company Snips, and later joined the French “Ministère de la Culture” on the “pass Culture” project. He specializes in the construction of web and mobile applications and intelligent data processing systems of all types.


Vincent Cristia

Finance & Partnerships Lead

Vincent completed a Master degree in Economics at AgroParisTech (Paris Saclay University) and holds a Master of Public Administration from Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA). He worked for the French Ministry of Economy and Finance as head of higher education and research office. He later joined the French Agency of continuing professional education (Afpa) as deputy CEO.


Kerry Emanuel

Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, MIT

Member of the US National Academy of Science

Thomas Malone

Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

Founding director of the Center for Collective Intelligence


Christelle Perrin

Head of Communication, Marketing and Influence actions at Fermes d’Avenir

Richard Somerville

Professor Emeritus, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego
Science Director, Climate Communication

Anthony LeRoy Westerling

Associate Professor, University of California, Merced


  • Ben Okun — Editorial support
  • Daniel Nethery — Associate Editor
  • Laura Kiritze-Topor — Graphic Design
  • Lauren Raimondo Gaffney — Graphic Design