Democracy needs you

Catchy headlines are all over the web. How can one assess the credibility of online information when not an expert on the issue?
You have expertise in how science works, but not all your fellow citizens do. They need your help to assess the credibility of their online news.

Become a Science Feedback contributor:

Crowdsourcing scientific expertise is the guiding principle behind Science Feedback. Each contribution from individual scientist builds towards a large and informative database of accurate sources of information on the Internet.
In joining Science Feedback you will:

  • get to share your expertise in influential media coverage
  • be informed on what’s trending in the media
  • be a pioneer in scientific ‘fact-checking’

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To Apply:

You need to be a scientist actively engaged in scientific research. Scientists are required to:

  • have a PhD in a relevant discipline,
  • have at least one published article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal within the last four years in the field they are commenting on.

Fill the form below or send us an email with the corresponding information.


[1] The qualifying publication(s) should be:

  • published in a top-quartile journal in its field (we use the SJR ranking for reference, which is based on a ‘page-rank’-like algorithm, for example you can check the ‘Health Professions’ ranking or the ‘atmospheric’ ranking )
  • published within the last 4 years,
  • authored by you as a first author[2],
  • original research (no opinion piece, editorial, book review…)

[2] the first author condition can be waived for:

  • Publications with only 2 authors,
  • Senior scientists and Professors who are actively supervising a PhD candidate / Postdoc who is signing as the first author (as it is common practice that advisors sign as last author in some lab/countries). If you claim this case, please indicate the name(s) of the PhD candidate(s) / Postdoc(s) you are supervising and the papers they have authored under your supervision (email us).