Pre-human changes in climate do not negate contemporary human influence on modern warming, contrary to implication in popular Instagram post

Climate changed naturally in prehistoric eras, modern climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon

SOURCE: Social media user, Instagram

Published: 23 Jan 2023


Scientists have found that modern climate change is caused entirely by human activity, contrary to recent speculation by Joe Rogan

“The question is, ‘how much of an impact do we have on [climate]?’ That has not totally been quantified”; climate change is happening anyway, “The ice age happened without us…It’s probably this constant cycle”.

SOURCE: Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan Experience

Published: 11 Oct 2022


Scientific evidence indicates that modern warming is driven by CO2, contrary to Richard Lindzen’s claim

“Believing CO2 controls the climate is pretty close to believing in magic.”

SOURCE: Richard Lindzen, Climate Change is Crap

Published: 02 Sep 2022


Letter stating there is “no climate emergency” repeats inaccurate claims about climate science

“Natural variation explains a substantial part of global warming observed since 1850;” no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying natural disasters, or making them more frequent.

SOURCE: Toby Young, Daily Sceptic

Published: 24 Aug 2022


Carbon dioxide emissions by humans are the major driver of modern climate change, contrary to Jerome Corsi’s claims in CBN News video

Carbon dioxide is not a climate heat driver; we had an ice age when the Earth had extraordinarily larger amounts of carbon dioxide; in the 1970s scientists thought we were going to have a new ice age.

SOURCE: Jerome Corsi, CBN News

Published: 05 Aug 2022


Warming of Earth’s surface and oceans continues apace, contrary to claims in blog

”Global warming started to run out of steam over two decades ago… Half of the apparent global temperature increase from January 1910 to January 2000 is due to administrative adjustments.”

SOURCE: Chris Morrison, Daily Sceptic

Published: 09 Jun 2022


Earth’s surface continues to warm due to greenhouse gas emissions, contrary to claims by Christopher Monckton in Watts Up With That

“...Seven and a half years have passed since there was any trend in global warming at all” If global warming was caused by human emissions, temperature would rise at a steady rate

SOURCE: Christopher Monckton, Watts Up With That

Published: 11 Apr 2022


Robust scientific evidence supports that human activity drives global warming, contrary to claims in a CO2 Coalition blog post by Andy May

"There is no evidence, other than models, that human CO2 emissions drive climate change and abundant evidence that the Sun, coupled with natural climate cycles, drives most, if not all, of recent climate changes"

SOURCE: Andy May, CO2 Coalition

Published: 16 Mar 2022



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