Science Feedback invited to speak at European Commission CONNECT University, Digital for our Planet

Emmanuel Vincent, PhD, Founder & Director of Science Feedback was invited to participate in the European Commission CONNECT University Summer School 2021, Digital for our Planet that aims to present cutting-edge innovations addressing how digital technologies can be harnessed to tackle climate change.

The session addresses Climate Disinformation.

“Climate change is the largest and most challenging problem our society faces today and dealing with it requires a new growth strategy that will transform the Union, and not only, into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. Nonetheless, information about climate change is often met with climate change scepticism, denial, and contrarianism, with an overflow of disinformation on this topic being spread globally. Addressing the issue of public polarization over climate change requires acknowledging and addressing the cause. In this context, this session discussed the contribution that fact-checking, research, and media literacy initiatives can provide to support an evidence-based and future-oriented policy to counter disinformation in the EU. Watch the recording and learn why climate disinformation matters, and what can be done about it.”

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Published on: 09 Jul 2021 | Editor: