Annotation might be the future of fact-checking


"Climate Feedback, a scientist-led effort to "peer review" the world’s climate journalism, is closing in on its $30,000 crowdfunding target. A successful conclusion to the campaign would bolster one of the most prominent efforts yet to conduct fact-checking via web annotation."

Le Monde

Quand les chercheurs en sciences du climat « fact-checkent » les articles de presse


"globalement, l’honneur est à peu près sauf pour les journalistes. Les textes les plus trompeurs épinglés par Climate Feedback sont en effet généralement des tribunes rédigées par des personnalités extérieures aux organes de presse."

Think Progress

How To Find Out How Accurate Your Favorite News Site Is On Climate


"“I think [Climate Feedback] is a really powerful thing. This is such a manipulated topic,” said Jeff Chanton, Florida State University. Climate change has indeed been seen as one of the worst examples of “false balance” in the press."

The New York Times Dot Earth

Scientists Build a Hype Detector for Online Climate News and Commentary


"the most relevant use of the Hypothesis tool so far is by Climate Feedback, through which a large (and hopefully growing) network of scientists studying climate change and related subjects is applying a layer of external peer review and a reliability rating to news articles and commentary on global warming."


Scientists are fact-checking climate journalism now


“Here’s an open industry secret: Environmental and climate journalists are disseminating scientific information to the public, but most of us aren’t scientists. Neither are the fact-checkers.”

The Guardian

Climate scientists are now grading climate journalism


"We argue that scientists have a moral duty to speak up when they see misinformation masquerading as science. [...] You can help them make their voices heard. We invite you to stand with us for a better internet. We invite you to stand with science."

Big Think

Climate Feedback Keeps Mainstream Media in Check, Seeks Funding on IndieGoGo


"Climate Feedback's website shows us trends in the media community. Websites which were once in high-standing in my own mind quickly fell from the pedestal."

Media Matters for America

Coalition Of Scientists Takes Novel Approach To Grading Accuracy Of Climate Change Coverage


"The approach Climate Feedback employs is unique in several respects. It borrows from the peer review process used to evaluate scientific research papers, ensuring that media coverage of climate science receives a similar level of scrutiny."


Can annotating text online straighten out our collective reasoning?


"The scientists found each other through an organization called Climate Feedback, powered by Hypothesis. [...] It is hard to argue that this isn’t annotation at its best. Each note deepens the conversation, leads to additional sources and provides meaningful context."

Fast Company

Are We Finally Ready To Annotate The Entire Internet?


"Even in some very prominent outlets there are sometimes inaccuracies, and it can be very hard to know what is right, because you can hear one thing and then the opposite from one day to the next"