Science Feedback is looking for several freelance science editors to work on writing and organizing reviews of influential claims and articles in collaboration with scientists and academics. We are looking for thoughtful, methodical, and rigorous candidates with a deep commitment to scientific objectivity. We check viral information that claims to be science-based in several fields, starting with health (COVID-19, vaccines, clinical trials, etc.) and climate change

Science Feedback is a signatory of the IFCN code of principles—verifying our commitment to accuracy, fairness, transparency. As an editor, you will need to help us uphold these high standards. Our reviews are trusted for their rigor. They are featured prominently in Google News and search results (see here) and used by Facebook/Instagram to inform users who have interacted with posts containing false information (see here). We also work with Tiktok to identify health and science misinformation in viral videos.


Job responsibilities :


  • Review short viral videos that make claims about health or science within 6 hours of request
  • Write reviews as a science editor. This includes identifying experts and seeking comments from sources including our network of scientists, finding and evaluating bibliographic references, writing the content of claim reviews or the summary of article reviews made by scientists as well as editing and reinforcing scientists’ contributions (copy-editing, adding figures, links to references, etc.)


  • Grow our network of contributing scientists by inviting new experts
  • Write “Insights” articles explaining the state of knowledge on specific scientific questions, discussing popular narratives on the Internet, or analyzing the propagation of false claims online


Skills required:

  • Strong motivation to help Internet users find accurate information, be willing to debunk misinformation wherever it comes from
  • Excellent knowledge about how science works, the scientific method to (in)validate hypotheses
  • Excellent understanding of the scientific publication process. Science editors need to be able to identify academics’ expertise based on their scientific publications’ quality and detect potential conflicts of interest
  • Ability to explain scientific results and processes in terms understandable to a broad audience
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Perfect mastery of English
  • Professional fluency in other languages is a strong plus (we check content in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian and are looking to expand to Swedish)
  • Non-partisanship: Our staff and freelance contributors are required to not be involved in advocacy/political campaigning.


Experience needed

  • Experience working with scientists
  • Experience working as a science journalist, editor at a scientific journal or a fact-checker a strong plus
  • Candidates with a scientific background (PhD or Master of Science) or a science journalism background are both encouraged to apply.


Freelance Positions

  • Yearly contract with minimum of 8 hours per week 
  • Work location can be fully remote (we have contributors in the USA, Brazil, Spain, Austria)
  • Competitive compensation


Freelance positions can include weekend duties (with extra pay) distributed among team members to ensure 7-day coverage of viral posts.


To apply, please send 

  • a cover letter highlighting relevant experience and motivation for applying to the position, specifying which role you are applying for and scientific field(s) you can cover,
  • a resume,
  • 2 writing samples. 

We will consider applications as they arrive and conduct interviews and writing tests with select candidates.

→   Email [email protected]


The organization

Science Feedback is a non-profit organization with the mission to improve the credibility of information available to Internet users in scientific domains by providing feedback to readers, journalists, editors, and tech platforms.

Since 2015, Climate Feedback has grown a global network of scientists that review influential climate change media coverage, developing a new approach to “fact-checking” crowdsourced directly from domain experts. We launched Health Feedback in 2019 to broaden this approach to the field of health sciences. We plan on expanding our work to other scientific fields that are prone to misunderstandings and disinformation (e.g., statistics, history) based on new editors’ expertise.