Reviews of articles by: Michael Yeadon


Multiple studies show that COVID-19 vaccines don’t cause pregnancy or fertility problems, despite widespread claims on social media

mRNA COVID-19 vaccines accumulate in the ovaries, change menstrual cycles, and lead the immune system to mount “an immune response to their own placental protein”

SOURCE: James Thorp, Michael Yeadon, The Epoch Times

Published: 07 Mai 2022


A rise in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths starting in September 2020 contradicts the claim by Michael Yeadon that “the pandemic is fundamentally over in the U.K.”

“the pandemic is fundamentally over in the U.K.”; “We now know that loads of people had prior immunity [...] I believe we are now firmly at community immunity.”; “Viruses don’t do waves.”

SOURCE: Julia Hartley-Brewer, Michael Yeadon, talkRADIO

Published: 10 Nov 2020