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Misleading Wall Street Journal opinion piece makes the unsubstantiated claim that the U.S. will have herd immunity by April 2021

in Wall Street Journal, by Marty Makary

— 26 Feb 2021

"The article’s claim that the U.S. is near herd immunity rests on two numbers: 1) the detection of infections by testing (claimed to be 10 – 25 percent) and 2) the infection fa..

New York Post article makes speculative, unsupported claim that mutation could enable the virus causing COVID-19 to evade handwashing and mask-wearing

in New York Post, by Jackie Salo

— 08 Oct 2020

"The preprint that the article focuses on actually says nothing about the most egregious claim made in the article: that the virus is evolving to get around hand-washing, masks, et..

Telegraph article describing the hypothesis that face masks can variolate a population receives mixed reviews on its scientific accuracy

in The Telegraph, by Georgina Hayes

— 24 Sep 2020

"The Telegraph headline is obviously misleading but the subheading is accurate. Masks don’t give immunity; rather, the argument is that infections are milder or asymptomatic and ..

Potential role for T cells in COVID-19 immunity accurately reported in National Geographic article

in National Geographic, by Carrie Arnold

— 19 Ago 2020

"The article accurately discusses the recent findings about the presence/relevance of T cell response against COVID-19. Indeed, both arms of adaptive immunity, humoral and cellular..

People who do not show symptoms can contribute to significant COVID-19 transmission, contrary to CNBC report

in CNBC, by William Feuer, Noah Higgins-Dunn

— 10 Jun 2020

there is already “abundant data” showing that people who are not showing symptoms—which could include asymptomatic, presymptomatic, and paucisymptomatic individuals—compris...

COVID-19 vaccine candidate by Pittsburgh scientists show promising results in animal studies, but clinical trials still needed before efficacy in humans is known

in Pittsburgh Magazine, by Garret Roberts

— 11 Abr 2020

Scientists who reviewed this article’s scientific credibility found that the reporting was generally accurate. However, they also highlighted a missed opportunity to provide read...

Viral New York Post article perpetuates the unfounded claim that the virus that causes COVID-19 is manmade

in New York Post, by Steven W. Mosher

— 02 Mar 2020

Overall, Mosher’s argument is based on unfounded speculation and scientific inaccuracies. Such claims, which continue to be perpetuated even by public officials, have real-world ...


Vaccines do provide immunity and can be used to achieve herd immunity

Vaccines don’t promise immunity and therefore “vaccine herd immunity doesn’t exist”.

SOURCE: Laura Elizabeth, Instagram

Published: 01 May 2021


Insufficient evidence to claim COVID-19 vaccines cause menstrual irregularities in vaccinated women; vaccinated people aren’t making unvaccinated people ill

COVID-19 vaccines cause menstrual problems in women; vaccinated people are causing health problems in unvaccinated people around them

SOURCE: Social media users, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Published: 30 Abr 2021


Flawed speculative study incorrectly claims that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines cause neurodegenerative diseases

“Pfizer [COVID-19] vaccine confirmed to cause neurodegenerative diseases”; “mRNA vaccines […] can integrate into the human genome”

SOURCE: Nathaniel Linderman, National File

Published: 29 Abr 2021


COVID-19 vaccines don’t cause herpes infections; a possible association with the reactivation of herpes zoster in patients with rheumatic diseases remains unconfirmed

“Herpes infections may be a side effect of a COVID-19 vaccine”

SOURCE: Jackie Salo, Instagram/Facebook users, New York Post, Instagram/Facebook

Published: 26 Abr 2021


Current data from clinical trials offer no reliable evidence that ivermectin is effective against COVID-19; better-quality clinical trials are needed to resolve this question

“Ivermectin is the only thing we have that treats COVID at all stages […] Ivermectin substantially reduces deaths from COVID and prevents infections”; 50 studies “show ivermectin is not just effective, but highly effective”

SOURCE: Craig Kelly, Tess Lawrie, Sky News

Published: 25 Abr 2021


Using face masks reduces the transmission of COVID-19 and doesn’t lead to oxygen deficiency or carbon dioxide buildup in the blood

“Both medical and non-medical face masks are ineffective to reduce transmission and infectivity of COVID-19”; “long-term consequences of wearing face masks on health are detrimental [including hypoxemia and hypercapnia]”

SOURCE: JD Rucker, Baruch Vainshelboim, American Conservative Movement

Published: 23 Abr 2021


DARPA developed a hydrogel sensor which monitors blood for infections at early stages, not a microchip for COVID-19 identification or location tracker

“Pentagon develops microchip that detects COVID under your skin”; Pentagon microchip can track your location

SOURCE: Ben Swann, Truth In Media

Published: 22 Abr 2021


Oral contraceptives have a bigger risk factor for blood clot formation than the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines

“Birth control has a far greater risk of blood clots than any Covid-19 vaccine so far”

SOURCE: Carter Sherman, Vice News

Published: 20 Abr 2021


The World Health Organization doesn’t recommend ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment; the drug’s safety and effectiveness remains uncertain in COVID-19 patients

“WHO data shows [that] ivermectin reduces COVID-19 mortality by 81%, but they won’t recommend it?”

SOURCE: Joe Martino, Collective Evolution

Published: 19 Abr 2021


COVID-19 vaccines were developed in record time due to scientists’ good understanding of similar coronaviruses and unprecedented investments from companies and governments

“No vaccine for HIV after 40 years of research. No vaccine for the common cold [...] A virus mysteriously appears and within a year a vaccine is created and we are all expected to take it.”

SOURCE: Anonymous, Instagram

Published: 14 Abr 2021