Daily Wire updates its article, but it still conveys false information

The Daily Wire edited its recent article on climate change after scientists reviewed it and Climate Feedback provided feedback to the editor. The author has removed two paragraphs and changed the title, but the new version of the article does not contain any mention of the fact that the article has been updated.


While the title initially read:
Global Quackery: Earth Has Not Warmed for the Past 19 Years, New Study Finds

It has been changed to:
Report: Earth Has Not Warmed for the Past 19 Years


Notably, the revised article withdraws the direct attribution of the false claim that the Earth has not warmed over the past 19 years to the Denmark Meteorological Institute (DMI). As DMI scientists Ruth Mottram, Martin Stendel, and Peter Langen explained, “The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Wire stories are misleading or simply wrong based on our data.

The paragraph removed read:

The author then goes on to decry the very real consequences to businesses and citizens from goverments [sic] continuing to enact ever more stringent regulation to offset this global ‘warming.’ But the real findings of the DMI are significant. The liberal media might take issue with a U.S. think tank funding a study that says global warming doesn’t exist — or at least hasn’t for 19 years — but they’ll accept the findings from little ol’ Denmark, won’t they?


It also withdraws the final paragraph of the article, that read:

By the way, the headline of the Telegraph article was perfect: ‘Another Arctic ice panic over as world temperatures plummet.’ Exactly. Watch the MSM networks and websites for this report — and then ponder why they never ran it….


This is the second time that the Daily Wire has updated an article after a Climate Feedback review. An article titled “Scientists: Here’s What Really Causes Climate Change (And It Has Nothing To Do With Human Beings)” was also edited following our analysis, but those changes, too, still left the article misleading, scientists concluded.
This Daily Wire article, which has been viewed over 150,000 times on the site, has left many more people misinformed as it has been picked up by other sites across the web and was shared on Facebook more than 70,000 times before the changes. The Daily Wire is unlikely to contact all these people to notify them that they have been misinformed. Maybe Facebook should?

Published on: 16 May 2017 | Editor: