Science Feedback’s mission is to help promote accurate information online and tackle the rise of misinformation in the media and social networks. For background, you can see how our international network of scientists contribute to reviewing influential articles and claims on our current publication websites Climate Feedback and Health Feedback. Our reviews are featured prominently in Google search results (ex) and used by Facebook to inform users viewing posts containing false information (ex). This is a powerful way for scientists to contribute to tackling the rise of misinformation for a more trustworthy Internet.


The environment

The role of social media platforms in shaping the information environment our societies live in is increasingly being recognized, but the scale of our misinformation problem remains largely ill-understood. Yet, a finer understanding of what information circulates on social media platforms and how misinformation spreads is becoming a key regulatory concern with the adoption of the Digital Services Act.


The mission

Science Feedback wants to substantially contribute to the collective effort of auditing web platforms’ policies and the impact they are having on the spread of misinformation. Our previous work on this issue includes looking at whether Facebook reduces the reach of ‘repeat offenders’ of its misinformation policy or at the leading misinformation spreaders on Twitter.

These are good examples of the type of work we’re looking to expand on. We are therefore looking for a data scientist to join us. The work will notably consist in designing approaches to audit web platforms’ actions against misinformation, implementing them, and informing regulators as to the best approaches to foster a more credible online information ecosystem. The candidate will report to Bastien, our data & public affairs officer, and will work in close cooperation with Emmanuel, Science Feedback’s founder.



  • 2+ years of working on data science/analysis in Python (Pandas), data collection (via APIs and scraping)
  • A mix between a research mindset (What are we trying to find out? What method could allow us to achieve this? What are its limitations?) and a practical mindset (What are we trying to achieve? How to effectively get our point across? What is the deadline?)
  • At least one of the following (the more the better):
    • Previous experience in social media monitoring and/or misinformation and/or digital regulation
    • Experience in writing public documents in English to communicate your research results (e.g. research articles, reports, in-depth blog posts)
    • Experience with NLP
    • Experience with graph-structured data



  • Compensation: competitive, commensurate with experience
  • Position is full time (CDI), with the usual benefits this entails (50% transport, health insurance, restaurant vouchers)
  • Location: Paris
  • Work-from-home policy: the general rule is that it’s up to you, but some face-to-face time is expected, especially at the beginning.



→   To apply, please drop us a line explaining your motivation for the position and your CV at [email protected]