Reviews of articles from: NBC News


NBC News story accurately covers research on two millennia of climate history

in NBC News, by Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky

“This accurately describes new peer-reviewed research and asks independent scientists with relevant expertise to provide important context, such as how these results rely on limited southern hemisphere data. Simplifications help readers understand important points without misleading them.”

— 30 Jul 2019


Evidence suggests that political partisanship is associated with higher COVID-19 mortality rates among Republicans compared to Democrats

“Covid death rates are higher among Republicans than Democrats, mounting evidence shows”

SOURCE: Aria Bendix, NBC News

Published: 05 Nov 2022


The U.S. sees record numbers of daily new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in November 2020

“There were 144,305 newly reported COVID-19 cases in the United States today. This beats the previous record of 133,819 cases reported on Monday, November 9. This is the 8th day in a row with over 100,000 cases reported.”

SOURCE: Ali Velshi, Twitter, NBC News

Published: 13 Nov 2020


HPV vaccine does reduce viral transmission, helping with eventual cervical cancer elimination

HPV vaccine may lead to elimination of cervical cancer

SOURCE: Kaitlin Sullivan, NBC News

Published: 09 Jul 2019


It’s true that the current carbon dioxide level is higher than any time in human existence

the concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere has climbed to a level last seen more than 3 million years ago — before humans even appeared on the rocky ball we call home

SOURCE: Denise Chow, NBC News

Published: 18 May 2019