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More deaths occurred in 2020 than in previous years; Johns Hopkins student article compared proportion of deaths per age group, which can obscure changes in raw numbers

“Johns Hopkins study mysteriously disappears after it revealed, in spite of COVID, no more deaths in 2020 than in prior years”

SOURCE: Joe Hoft, Michael Haynes, Gateway Pundit, LifeSiteNews

Published: 30 Nov 2020


Global warming and the COVID-19 pandemic are unrelated issues: one will not protect us from the other

If we want to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, we must back away from all the climate change efforts we've been making

SOURCE: Andrea Widberg, LifeSite News

Published: 25 Mar 2020


Oral contraceptives associated with increased relative risk of blood clots but not a significantly increased absolute risk, generally safe to use

Women are not warned about the risk of blood clots with their daily steroidal hormone pill

SOURCE: Anonymous, LifeSite News

Published: 23 Jul 2019