Reviews of articles by: Sherri Tenpenny


COVID-19 RNA vaccines are safe, cannot modify human DNA; death rate in vaccinated people isn’t higher than in unvaccinated people

“The protein then can bind to your DNA and irreversibly change it”; “[It] has several different type of lipids on it that have never been injected into human beings before”; “We could be looking at right now as many as 12,000 deaths”

SOURCE: Sherri Tenpenny, Daystar

Published: 17 Mar 2021


Altered image falsely suggests that restaurant staff in Maine are required to wear dog cone-style face visors to protect against COVID-19

“Governor of Maine orders restaurant staff to wear COVID visors like dog cones”

SOURCE: Sherri Tenpenny, Paul Joseph Watson, Twitter, Summit News

Published: 27 Aug 2020