Reviews of articles by: David Wallace-Wells


Scientists explain what New York Magazine article on “The Uninhabitable Earth” gets wrong

in New York Magazine, by David Wallace-Wells

“While it is clear that ongoing warming of the global climate would eventually have very severe consequences, the concept of the Earth becoming uninhabitable within anywhere near the timescales suggested in the article is pure hyperbole. The author has clearly done very extensive research and addresses a number of climate threats that are indeed major issues, but generally the narrative ramps up the threat to go beyond the level that is supported by science.”

— 12 Jul 2017


New York Magazine article on children’s risks from COVID-19 is accurate, but more context regarding difference in risk between young and older children would be helpful

In children, “the mortality risk from COVID-19 is actually lower than from the flu. The risk of severe disease or hospitalization is about the same”.

SOURCE: David Wallace-Wells, New York Magazine

Published: 09 Aug 2021