Reviews of articles by: Candace Owens


The Nuremberg Code specifically addresses experimentation; COVID-19 vaccines aren’t experimental, and therefore, don’t violate the Code

“Nuremberg codes stipulate that consent must be voluntary […] Threatening someone’s livelihood unless they take an experimental vaccine is NOT voluntary consent.”

SOURCE: Candace Owens, Facebook, Twitter

Published: 16 Jul 2021


In viral Turning Point USA video, Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk falsely claim there is no evidence of global warming and scientists don’t know the cause

There is no factual data to back up global warming; real scientists don’t know whether CO2, solar sunspots or natural activity cause global warming

SOURCE: Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk , Turning Point USA

Published: 16 Apr 2021


Mortality in the U.S. noticeably increased during the first months of 2020 compared to previous years

The U.S. is not losing “tons more lives in 2020” compared to 2019 (18,433) ... the increase is virtually non-existent

SOURCE: Candace Owens, Joe Hoft, Facebook, Gateway Pundit

Published: 22 May 2020